20 PUR Water Filter Problems and How To Troubleshoot Them


Today, there are many water filters that make sure that our tap water is free of harmful particles. PUR water filter is the one that stands out. But even though this faucet-mounted filter wears the crown among its colleagues, issues can still occur. Fortunately, you don’t have to replace the filter every time it reports a problem. Read on to see how you can easily diagnose and troubleshoot the most common PUR water filter issues.

PUR Water Filter – What Does it Remove?

Drinking clean water is, arguably, the most important part of our everyday life. But what exactly does ‘clean’ mean? If you fill a glass with tap water, you will most likely think that it is clean. But, just because there aren’t any particles that are visible to your eyes, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t there. PUR water filters were made for that purpose, to remove these harmful tiny particles.

PUR Water Filter Troubleshooting 1 - 20 PUR Water Filter Problems and How To Troubleshoot Them

PUR water filter removes:

  • 99% of lead. Lead can easily enter through the plumbing and pipeline and cause not only kidney issues, but delays in your physical and mental development, as well.
  • 96% of mercury. Erosion is what allows mercury to enter the water systems. Exposure to mercury leads to kidney damage.
  • 99% of trihalomethanes. Trihalomethanes appear when chlorine is mixed with water materials (organic and inorganic), and it is known to be the cause of many kidney, liver, and central nervous issues.
  • 96% of industrial pollutants, which are harmful to ingest.
  • 92% of pesticides. Agricultural runoffs allow pesticides to enter the water system. Consuming these pesticides can cause not only kidney and liver issues, but also reproductive problems.
  • 94% of pharmaceuticals. Harmful traces of antibiotics and hormones are present in the water systems of most of the major metropolitan areas.
  • 99% of microbial cysts.

PUR Water Filter Problems

Now that you know how beneficial the PUR water filter is, it is time to see what problems can occur while using one.

This article will help you determine which of the most common PUR water filtrations’ problems you are dealing with and offer clear instructions on how to repair them. These are the most common problems:

PUR water filter problems with the light indicator

Whether the light isn’t working at all, or it is stubbornly showing red light, below you will find a way to fix that issue and will not have to worry about the purity of the water you are drinking.

PUR water filter problems with water flow

Whether you are experiencing a slow water flow or overflow, you will find the solution for that problem below.

PUR water filter with leaking problems

Sometimes the PUR water filter leaks. Whether from the top or the faucet, I will solve this issue for you in an instant.

PUR water filter with the filtering issues

Whether your PUR water filter fails to purify the water or it’s clogged, you don’t have to replace the entire system. The solution is simple and it is hidden in this article.

PUR water filter problem of mixing filtered and unfiltered water

If filtered and unfiltered water mix, this article will help you ensure that you will only drink purified water.

So what are the problems specifically and how to solve them? I’ll walk you through one by one.

PUR Water Filter Light Is Not Working

The indicator light found on your PUR water filter is actually a timer. That means that the light isn’t actually connected to your water filter. It is just there to indicate when it is time for you to change the filter.

The fact is that the LED light is a helpful reminder, but the true indicator for filter replacement is the flow of water. PUR water filters have a life capacity of two to three months or 100 gallons.

The PUR water filter should be replaced every two months to three months (if your water is not seriously polluted), as recommended by the manufacturer. This means that after two or three months of drinking clean water, the light will remind you that you should change the filter.

Changing the filter is important because when the filter reaches its capacity it is no longer capable to get rid of the harmful particles. If not changed regularly, all of the water impurities will end up in your glass.

One of the biggest reported issues with the PUR water filter, and something that I have struggled with it in the beginning, is the light not signaling anything.

PUR Water Filter Troubleshooting 3 - 20 PUR Water Filter Problems and How To Troubleshoot Them

You may think how this can be easily solved if you choose to simply replace the filter after two months. However, keep in mind that the water quality is not the same in different geographic areas. In some areas where the water pollution is grave, you may need to change it in less than a month. That is why having a light that will tell you exactly when it is time to do it, is crucial.


PUR Water Filter Light Is Not Turning Green

When you pour water from your PUR filter, whether it’s a pitcher or a faucet filter, the indicator light will blink. Once you are done pouring, the light should turn green.

PUR Water Filter Troubleshooting 4 - 20 PUR Water Filter Problems and How To Troubleshoot Them

That is how the filter should be working, ideally. However, there are times when the light just won’t turn green. You may try to change the filter cartridge, but that will rarely fix this problem.


What’s the real solution?

Usually, when the light doesn’t turn green, that is simply an indication that the filter should be cleaned. So, remove your filter and blow hard through it. Many people have found that a simple filter cleaning can get the light to work again.

If you have a faucet-mounted filter, simply turn the cap off, remove the filter, and do the same. You can also use water dental pick for this purpose. That will pulsate and clean right through the filter.

Do not worry, you will not break anything. The whole system is mechanical and pretty simple to handle. Freeing up the gear should jump start the filter instantly, which will nudge the light to signal green immediately.

PUR Water Filter Light Is Still Red

Like I said, when you are pouring water from the PUR filter, the indicator light will blink. When it signals green, this tells you that the filter is working properly and that the water you are drinking is purified.

PUR Water Filter Troubleshooting 5 - 20 PUR Water Filter Problems and How To Troubleshoot Them

But what happens when the filter can no longer remove the impurities?

When the filter’s capacity is almost occupied, it will turn yellow to let you know in advance that you should change it soon. The yellow light serves as a warning sign and is there to prevent you from running out of purified water.

When the light turns red, that is a sign that the filter is no longer able to stop the harmful particles from getting poured into your glass, meaning that the water is no longer clean.

After getting the red sign, you should replace the filter immediately. Then, hold the ‘reset’ button for a few seconds and wait for the green button to turn on.

But what if it never does?

If your PUR water filter is stubbornly showing the red light even after changing the filter, then there are two ways to fix it:

First Alternative: Clean Thoroughly

Many people have reported that the indicator light kept flashing red after changing the filter. The reason is that sometimes debris enters the screen and it’s what gives the filter a false alarm that it can no longer purify the water.

So, the solution is just simple. This issue has mostly been solved by cleaning the screen out from minor debris. Simply rinse the entire filter housing off.

Second Alternative: Replace the Electronic Circuit

If rinsing the PUR filter housing does nothing to fix your problem, then it is probably a good idea to consider replacing the electronic circuit. When the electronic circuit needs to be replaced, the red light goes on.

PUR Water Filter’s Flow Is Slow

Being able to drink clean and filtered water is beyond beneficial. But when the filter that purifies the water also slows down its flow significantly, it can be quite annoying. Don’t go all crazy purchasing different water filters because, chances are, the issue is easily fixable.

Low-quality water source

The first thing you need to consider is whether you use city water or your water supply comes from a well. If it comes from a well the slow flow here may occur due to the fact that your well water is fairly dirty. If that is the case, your filter may need some more time to remove the harmful particles before being poured, which results in decreased water flow.

PUR Water Filter Troubleshooting 6 - 20 PUR Water Filter Problems and How To Troubleshoot Them

Simple solution

If you use city water, then it has been proven that, in most cases, the problem may be inside the filter.

There are two curved wedges inside the PUR water filter that are in charge of holding the filter apart from its connection. If they are too short, this may restrict the water flow, as the end of the filter may be too close to ‘its shell’ which makes it hard for the water to flow properly.

The solution here is simple, you just need to purchase a plastic washer from the hardware store (find a very thin one that serves as a sort of a faucet diverter). Then, place this washer between the curved wedges and the connection to add enough space for the water to flow. And voila! There is your good water flow again.

PUR Water Filter Overflows

Just like the slow water flow, having water that overflows can be just as annoying. But, in order to avoid all of the splattering, you don’t have to change the entire water filtration system.

Most of the similar issues with the PUR water filter that have been reported have one thing in common – improperly adjusted filter.

You see, the thing is, most people tend to crank the water to full for some reason. When the water is set to full, the filter has no other choice but to overflow (or leaks!).

How to solve it?

Fortunately, the solution here is quite simple. Most of the new filters have basically the same design. They all have shorter ‘plastic lips’ which sometimes make the seal too tight. The only thing that you need to do is simply NOT TURN the filter all the way clockwise.

PUR Water Filter Troubleshooting 7 - 20 PUR Water Filter Problems and How To Troubleshoot Them

Simply set it before a full lock. And it will work like magic. No overflowing or leaking, but full water pressure.

How To Unclog PUR Water Filter

One of the main bumps that PUR water filter users stumble upon is the fact that the filter gets clogged. But, despite the fact that this is usually seen as an issue, having an unclogged filter is actually a proof that it is working well.

I mean, think about it. What would you expect to happen if your tap water is rich in lead or other pollutants? These harmful pesticides will get stuck to the filter, which will eventually get it clogged.

Unclogging PUR water filter

To see if this causes the clogging, simply remove the filter and place it in a glass of clean water. Let it sit for a day without touching it. You should do the same with the filter in line. After a day, compare the two filters. If there are settled dirty particles, it is a clear sign that it is the dirt that has clogged your filter – which is a good sign.

In that case, the solution is to regularly clean and change the filters. Remember, the water that is running through the filter actually flows through the concentrated particles. If the filter is clogged, the flow will be significantly decreased.

PUR Water Filter Troubleshooting 8 - 20 PUR Water Filter Problems and How To Troubleshoot Them

Want to know how to easily change the filter? Check out this video for simple instructions:


Another thing to keep in mind is the fact that hot water tends to support clogging. Avoid running hot water and let it run a little bit longer so your filter can last you longer.

PUR Water Filter Leaks

What are the reasons for leaking?

Remember how I said that setting the filter all the way to full water can result in water overflow? Well, the same thing applies to leaks.

So, if your PUR water filter is leaking, the first place to look is that lock. If it is all the way to full, make sure to turn it back a bit.

If, however, this doesn’t solve your problem and you are still experiencing leaking, the first thing to do is determine where the leak is coming from.

If the water leaks from the body or on/off selector, this may be a little bit trickier to fix, but not impossible. Usually, this thing happens as a result of the fact that the seal is not sitting properly.

PUR Water Filter Troubleshooting 9 - 20 PUR Water Filter Problems and How To Troubleshoot Them

How to solve it?

To fix this issue you may try pushing and pulling the selector knob firmly, in and out, and a couple of times. This may seem too simple, but this may help you re-seat the leaking seal and stop the leaks.

Give it a go now. If it is still leaking, then maybe the problem is more serious and requires unit replacement.

PUR Faucet Water Filter Is Leaking

If you are experiencing leaking from the faucet, especially after the installation or after filter change, then chances are that the leak is a result of improper tightening.

A pair of pliers is usually helpful with this. However, before you put them to work, there is another thing that you need to take care of.

Take the filter off. Make sure that there is a rubber seal and that the seal is clean. That is called the O-ring or O-shaped gasket. That is an essential part of the filter, so make sure that it is there.

PUR Water Filter Troubleshooting 10 - 20 PUR Water Filter Problems and How To Troubleshoot Them

The O-ring should be sitting properly inside the cup. Then, try to gently thread it back onto the faucet. This shouldn’t require too much strength as it can be easily done. You just have to make sure to tighten it well.

If this doesn’t work and there is still water leaking, then, you can take your pliers. Try to tighten up at the place where the filter screws onto the faucet. This is what usually causes the faucet leaking and can be easily fixed with a good and tightened connection.

PUR Water Filter Leaking from Top

If your PUR water filter is leaking from the top, that is usually a sign that it was not installed properly.

PUR Water Filter Troubleshooting 11 - 20 PUR Water Filter Problems and How To Troubleshoot Them

Re-installing the filter

What you need to do to fix this issue, is to remove the filter and try re-installing it. When doing so, pay a good attention to all of the pieces and make sure not only that the filter is centered and sitting properly, but also that it is tightened and screwed correctly.

When the filter is properly tightened, the water outlet should be right at the bottom of the unit. Keep in mind that this can be tricky with wet hands, so make sure to dry them before tightening.

If you have troubles re-installing the PUR water filter correctly, this video may offer clear guidance:

Another reason for leaking?

Another reason for leaking?
If, however, the leaking is just between the plastic and the metal, that is probably due to poor design. PUR has even confessed to not having the greatest plastic design and offers metal replacement adapters for those who experience these problems.

But, if you don’t want to go through that trouble, then a simple liquid epoxy may help.

Dab some liquid epoxy onto the rectangles of plastic exposing the metal, and the problem is solved – no more leaking from the top.

PUR Water Filter Low Pressure

We have talked about slow water flow and clogged filters earlier. Another similar thing that we mustn’t fail to address is the low pressure of the filtered water. Although it is true that this usually happens as a result of one (or both) of the two previously mentioned issues, it is helpful to separate this problem so we can find the best way to fix it.

Clogging or slow water flow

When the water pressure is low, you may want to look at this as a sign of clogging or slow water flow, and try to address the problem that way. But, if neither regular filter cleaning and changing nor adding plastic washers help you increase the water pressure, then perhaps you have to consider the possibility that the filter is not working.

Poor-quality water source

If you live in an area with increased water pollution, having the simplest water filter may not be the solution. Why? Because your filters will get clogged all the time, and let’s be honest, changing them on daily basis is not only costly, but super overwhelming as well.

To increase the water pressure, I suggest Purchasing the 3-stage PUR water filter to increase the filtering stages

  1. The first stage is an added layer to trap the sediment
  2. The second stage is the contaminant removal
  3. The third stage is the filtering over natural minerals that allow refreshing taste

PUR Water Filter Troubleshooting 12 - 20 PUR Water Filter Problems and How To Troubleshoot Them

The three-stage filter offers an added layer of filtering which not only increases the water pressure, but also significantly reduces the time it takes for the filter to become clogged.

PUR Water Filter Is Not Filtering

Keep in mind that, unless the issues with your PUR water filter are due to manufacturing mistakes, they are usually easily fixable. So, before you start pointing fingers and blame PUR for creating such poor design, take a close look at your filter and see if it was maybe you who caused the problem.

PUR Water Filter Troubleshooting 13 - 20 PUR Water Filter Problems and How To Troubleshoot Them

The PUR water filter may stop filtering the water due to a couple of issues:

Improper Installation

If you have failed to install your filter properly, it is not a surprise that it may not do its job. Go through the videos I suggested above and learn how to properly install and change the filter. Make sure that everything is seated properly and that there aren’t any loose parts.

Light Is Not Working

If your light is not working, you may miss the sign that it is time to change the filter. Clean the screen and filter well, and see if you get the indication light. If not, maybe you should replace the electronic circuit.

If neither of these succeeds in filtering your water, then perhaps changing the filter will do the trick. Just remember to do it properly.

PUR Water Filter Is Not Fitting

Not all faucets are the same, and obviously, it is downright impossible to create a single filter that can fit every faucet perfectly. If you have bought your PUR water filter only to be disappointed that you cannot enjoy the benefits of clean water, don’t worry. There is a solution.

PUR has developed four metal adapters, called A, B, C, D. Depending on your faucet type, you can easily request a replacement adapter if the filter does not fit to your faucet. And the best part? You will get the adapter for FREE.

PUR Water Filter Troubleshooting 14 - 20 PUR Water Filter Problems and How To Troubleshoot Them

Simply, remove your faucet aerator. You can easily do it by twisting it off the faucet. Take a good look at the faucet and see if it needs an adapter. If your filter doesn’t fit, use the proper adapter and washer, if included. If not, request a replacement for free.

Then, place the washer inside the proper adapter, and place it up to the faucet.

Unfiltered and Filtered Water Mixed

If you pour your clean water through the PUR pitcher, then sooner or later, you will experience the biggest downfall of these pitchers. And that is when the filtered and dirty water is mixed.

But wait before throwing the pitcher in the trash. There is a quick fix to this problem, and it is quite simple:

  • Step 1: The first thing you need to do is remove the filter from the pitcher. You can do this by simply twisting the filter from its position in the pitcher. Remove the filter out of the pitcher.
  • Step 2: Clean the filter with cold water and soap, thoroughly. Make sure to rinse it well. Do the same thing with the pitcher. Let both the filter and the pitcher air dry.
  • Step 3: Re-attach the filter by screwing it back into its place. You can do this by twisting to the right, and the filter will be seated properly. It is important to secure it tightly to the pitcher.
  • Step 4: Fill the pitcher up and enjoy drinking Purifiedand clean water.

PUR Water Filter Troubleshooting 15 - 20 PUR Water Filter Problems and How To Troubleshoot Them

Unfiltered and Filtered Water Comes Out When You Pour

Another huge disadvantage of the PUR filter pitcher is that you may get both filtered and unfiltered water to come out of the pitcher as you pour. But, despite the fact that it may seem disgusting, there is absolutely no need for replacing your pitcher with a new one.

The solution here is quite simple. The first thing that you need to do is to simply take out the filter and clean it along with the pitcher, thoroughly, and allow to air dry, like in the three steps I mentioned earlier.

Then, there are only three things that you need to do:

  1. Fill the pitcher’s tray with water until it becomes almost full.
  2. Allow the water to be drained through the filter. Remember, you cannot use the pitcher before the entire tray is filtered.
  3. Now, pour the water into a glass and see how clean it is. The filtered and unfiltered water no longer mix.

PUR Water Filter Troubleshooting 16 - 20 PUR Water Filter Problems and How To Troubleshoot Them

PUR Water Filter Doesn’t Fit Faucet

To say that PUR water filters are great is an understatement. They are successful at removing up to 99% of the common contaminants present in most water supplies, making drinking water a safe and healthy process. But as complex as filtering water may seem, the PUR filters can actually be installed on your faucet with one simple click. Well, at least most of them work that way.

If the faucet mount filter you’ve bought doesn’t fit onto your faucet, don’t worry. PUR offers 4 different adapters that can be screwed perfectly to different faucet types, allowing the filter to be installed correctly. These adapters come along with your filter.

So, if the PUR faucet filter doesn’t fit, choose the correct enclosed adapter to install it perfectly.

PUR Water Filter Adapters Don’t Fit

Keep in mind that your faucet threading may not be a good match for any of the enclosed adapters. If you own a pull-out or handled faucet, then the PUR filters will not be compatible.

However, if you have a compatible faucet and the adapters still do not fit the threading, wait before asking for a refund. This problem can be easily fixed with an adapter kit extension (that includes the adapters 4, 5, and 6).

PUR Water Filter Adapters - 20 PUR Water Filter Problems and How To Troubleshoot Them

And guess what is the best part? The adapter kit can be requested from PUR for free. The only thing you will have to pay is the shipping.

PUR Water Filter White Particles

Filtered water is supposed to be clean. So, seeing some debris in your glass is a sign to freak out, right? Well, not if we are talking about white flakes.

Many PUR filter users have reported seeing big white particles floating in their filtered water. If you have noticed this too, no, there is absolutely nothing wrong with your filter.

These big fluffy flakes are just a result that occurs after filtering very hard water. Hard water is water that contains high mineral content. It is in contrast with soft water. Hard water is formed when water percolates through deposits of limestone and chalk which are largely made up of calcium and magnesium carbonates (source: Wikipedia).

Having white particles is a sign that there are minerals (such as salt, magnesium, manganese, or calcium) present. These salts cannot be seen in the warm water, but the colder it gets the more visible they become.

Unfortunately, if you have super hard water, there is no filter that can completely get rid of these white particles. But the good news is that these fluffy flakes are neither toxic nor affect the taste of your water. It is completely safe for you to drink water that contains these white participles.

White Particles In Filtered Water - 20 PUR Water Filter Problems and How To Troubleshoot Them

However, if they annoy you (I surely despise them), you can prevent them from flaking off into our filtered water by regularly cleaning the filter and plumbing with a lime removing solvent and a brush. Another great thing is using a water softener that can remove these white precipitated salts.

PUR Water Filter Black Particles

Perhaps seeing black particles in your filtered water looks more alarming than the fluffy white stuff, but the truth is, these dark specks are just as harmless.

If you have noticed black particles at the bottom of your glass filled with filtered water, there is nothing wrong with your filter. They are just charcoal particles from the filter that are supposed to purify your water.

But why are they in my glass? You might wonder. They are minor traces of what is called “activated charcoal” inside your filter.

White Particles In Filtered Water 2 - 20 PUR Water Filter Problems and How To Troubleshoot Them

If your filter is new, it is not uncommon for these particles to get released with the filtered water. That is why PUR suggests soaking the new filter in water for at least 15 minutes before installing it, and then letting the water run for 5 minutes.

If you, however, have followed the instructions on the package, and still get these dark specks, I suggest running the water for a few extra minutes. Sometimes these filters just need more time to start working the way they should.

But don’t worry. These black specks are not the sign that your water is dirty. The water is filtered, and the charcoal traces are safe to drink.  You can, however, put a coffee filter over your glass of water when pouring, if this really bugs you. These traces will go away after the water gets cycled enough times.

Ever wondered what’s really inside your PUR water filter? Check out this video.


PUR Water Filter Wet In Package

You have bought a new PUR water filter just to realize that it is actually wet. Don’t panic. That doesn’t mean that the filter is used.

The moisture that is present on the filter’s package wrapping is actually normal. The water is a result of the process of pasteurization (a high-temperature treatment) that the filter has to go through, in order for it to get rid of any microbes and bacteria.

PUR Water Filter Wet In Package - 20 PUR Water Filter Problems and How To Troubleshoot Them

Some filter may be bone dry when packaged, and some may contain moisture of the pasteurization. I guess PUR should warn users about this on the package, but it doesn’t.

However, if you are concerned about the fact that the filter is wet, you can call the 1-800 number on the package and express your concerns.

PUR Water Filter Is Not Draining

If your PUR water filter is not draining the way it is supposed to, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is time for you to replace it.

One of the most common known issues with the PUR water filters is that they get clogged. If your filter is slowly draining or is not draining at all, this is a sign that the accumulated dirt in the filter is clogging it and preventing it from doing its job efficiently.

How to fix PUR water filter that is not draining - 20 PUR Water Filter Problems and How To Troubleshoot Them

But that doesn’t mean that the filter is packed with dirt and can no longer filter your water. Sometimes, the dirt gets piled up in a single place which makes it hard for the filter to drain. Most of the filter may be free of dirt, but this one “lump” can cause you the draining troubles.

To fix this, simply remove the filter, turn it upside down, and then tap on a flat surface, just like in the video shown below. Return the filter back to its housing, and voila!


If this does not fix your issue, you may have to thoroughly clean the filter, in order for it to start draining well again.


I really hope that this article was able to help you diagnose and troubleshoot the most common issues that users experience with the PUR water filters. If your problem, however, is still unresolved, you may want to contact PUR and seek professional help, as it is possible that you may be dealing with a technical issue.

Good luck with your effort and hope you can fix your PUR water filter’s issues after reading this. Do you have any other ideas for troubleshooting PUR water filter problems? Give your comments below!

And if you want to know more about how a PUR water filter performs in a comparison to another popular one, Brita, here are the details.

Next, this is my recommendation for the five best PUR water filters. If you are considering buying a new one, this guide may help!


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  1. The light is still red after replacement and cleaning screen and housing.
    Where is electronic circuit you are speaking of as well as reset?

    • Hi Paula,

      If the light is still red after cleaning and replacing it may be because the button underneath the filter is stuck. Take out the filter and look for the button inside the housing Use a knife or some other tool to help you free the button. That should fix the issue.

      If this does nothing to fix your problem as well, you may want to contact PUR and see if you are dealing with a more serious issue that requires complete housing replacement. Hope this help!

  2. My Pur water pitcher always had black (charcoal?) in the filter. This time I was surprised to find the top that usually looks black was white. What a nightmare! Every time no mater what I did the top section where you first put the water to be filtered there was all this white stuff floating around from the filter and I could see that the filter was gradually becoming more empty of this white “stuff”. I don’t understand why there is even a water filter change from the regular black charcoal one. I am very unhappy with this filter. What’s going on?

    • Hi Paula,
      The PUR filter contains activated carbon in order to remove contaminants from the water. The carbon is combined with ion-exchange granules that are white in color, in order to remove metals from drinking water. Is it possible that you are talking about these granules? If so, that is completely normal.

  3. I changed my our water filter,but the light still is yellow,how do i reset it,I cleaned the housing unit and replied it to the sink,no luck,what do i do next

    • Hi Polly,
      Maybe you are dealing with a stuck button. See if the button that is found inside the housing (underneath the filter) is stuck. If so, you may need to free it with a knife or something similar that can force the button to pop out.

  4. Kristin N Cacy on

    My pur faucet mount the one that lays flat flashes 6 times after I install the filter then nothing am I doing it right do I have the wrong filter what’s going on please help

    • Hey Kristin, the light indicator should blink when water is running through the filter. If yours does nothing, contact PUR as you may be dealing with some unfixable issues.

  5. After installing water filter it work good for some time and regular unfilter water is not coming out of it , it comes only if filter nob is turn a little bit. Please help to fix the problem

  6. Good housekeeping did thorough testing on this PUR filter and all the other like it on the market. This rated the best. They tested the water quality each day. For about the first week it was not the best, it took time to prime. I suggest running the water twice the first week. Then the last 2 or three weeks also the water quality dropped. So that was constant use each day or more. Over a 3 moth period. If you are single it should last a long time. But remember, city water has lots of hormones and medicine in it from improper waste removal of drugs (don’t flush old pills) also from people’s urine even after sewage processes, they can’t remove this things from the waste water. So that ends up back in the water supply. Many waste treatment facilities are very outdated and ill equipped. The sand huge sand packs that they filter sewage waters through are old and need replacing. So changing your filter every 3-5 months for a single person or more regularly for a family is a good health decision.

  7. Unfiltered water starts to flow OK but then slows down to a thin stream. With the filter in use water flows normally.

    I have back flushed the system and checked the two screens on the water input and unfiltered water output and found no particles.

  8. Jay Baskerville on

    Particles from the filter appear to be getting into the unfiltered water reservoir. What is causing this & how do I treat the problem?

  9. Hi! I just replaced the Pur basic faucet filter cartridge. Now, after filtering and I turn the water and filter off, water is still streaming from the hole at the bottom of the cartridge. Can this be fixed? It did not do this before.

  10. my filtered or supposed filter water comes comes from the unit with the same amount of flow as if i had no filter in my unit.

  11. Anyone else have a PUR faucet water filter that the paint (silver) has chipped off of ? It’s happened on two models. We also have a whole house filter but maybe it’s because of the water ? It only chips around where the water comes out ? Help Thanks !

  12. I have a PUR water filter on my kitchen faucet. When I try to use just straight water I have to play with the lever just to use straight water. There is no problem using the filtered water, only when I use the straight water side. This is the second PUR water filter that has done the same thing. Any suggestions?

  13. Why does new PUR pitcher water filters needs to be pre-filtered 6-7 times before drinking; water is clean but taste very bitter. Filter is a PUR brand and product is bought from retail stores.

  14. Where can I order a new O-Ring gasket for Model Number PFM400H, PFM450S, PFM450S. The gasket is inside where the Filter is pushed on, Installed. It is a little gasket.

  15. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Never knew filter had to snap into place or the tab inside could be lifted up to reset. Makes me wonder what I’ve been doing. Have the new maxion faucet you showed. This was the first time it seemed like it was past time to change filter even though light was still green . Put new filter in, let run for 5 minutes, light was green all seemed good, but this morning light was yellow. Wow, did what you suggested and all looks good.

  16. Christopher Duran on

    This is an FYI for the group

    If the back cap of your filtration system keeps blowing off, make sure your water line isn’t putting out too much water pressure, back the valve down to resolve this issue, both hot and cold!

  17. Kelly L Parker on


    The last time I changed my PUR filter , now when I use it to get water from the sick I shut it off, yet water still keeps coming out of it? Why is this.. about 10 seconds or so.. do I need to get a new one, so I am not wasting water?

  18. Home Gina Reynolds on

    I have a black residue almost oily inside the PUR facet housing when I change filters. I even bought a new horizontal housing and after changing filters about the third time the whole inside is black and oily ish again and smells moldy??? I clean it out the last two times and i change the filters at yellow? What causes this?

  19. So my filter needed to be changed out, so I bought the 3 pack of new ones. Replaced the old one with a new one and cut the water on and turned the filter lever to start filtering. Light came on and sounded like water was going in, no water was coming out, built up so much pressure it busted the filter housing and cracked the sides. I tried two brand new filters and the same thing.. is this a known issue with pur sink systems?

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