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The light on your PUR water filter (view more water filter dispenser) is of great importance for the purity of the water you are drinking. That being said, the light has to be working properly in order for you to get the most out of your PUR water filtration system. Unfortunately, many PUR users have experienced issues with the light indicator. This article will show you how to fix these issues and reset the filter light successfully, so that you will not have to worry about quality of water you are drinking any more.

It covers following topics of PUR water filter light:

PUR Water Filter Light Meaning

Your water filter collects all of the dirt and contaminants from your water supply, provides you with purified and clean water. That means that after a certain period of time, your filter will be packed with dirt and it will have to be replaced.

PUR recommends replacing your water filter every 2 or 3 months, depending quality of your water supply, of course. But that doesn’t mean that you’ll have to cross out the days on your calendar or set reminders to alarm you when the replacement time comes. PUR has thought of everything.

Your PUR water filter comes with an electronic light indicator. The light indicates whether the water is clean and safe for you to drink it, tells you if the filter needs replacement soon, and alarms when the filter can no longer purify the water (which happens if you do not change the filter on time).

PUR Water Filter Light Meaning - How to Reset PUR Water Filter Light

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The filter light changes its color depending on how much water has been filtered. I will show you what every light color indicates.

PUR Water Filter Green Light

The green light on your PUR filter indicates that the filter is functioning properly, that it is capable to prevent the dirt and contaminants from getting poured, and that the water you are drinking is healthy and purified. As long as the light is green, you have nothing to worry about.

If your filter is old and needs replacement, after you install the new filter, the light is supposed to turn green again.

PUR Water Filter Green Light - How to Reset PUR Water Filter Light

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Now, I want to discuss about one concern. The green light can sometimes blink. And I am not only talking about the first time you turn on the switch and run water through the filter.

PUR says that the filter is supposed to flash the green light 6 times as you begin to use it.  But what they don’t say is that the filter can start flashing at any time. Well, only if you induce it.

Any time you move the pitcher, the light can blink. For instance, when you try to stick the filter into the fridge or when you change it. This is normal, so don’t think that there is something wrong with your PUR.

PUR Water Filter Yellow Light

The PUR water filter reaches the end of its life after filtering 100+ gallons of water (or less if the water is extremely dirty). But just like a traffic light that doesn’t jump from green to red light, the PUR filter also has a yellow light.

The yellow light on your PUR filter serves as an indicator telling you that the filter has been filtering water for some time and will soon reach the end of its life. It notifies you in advance that you should plan on replacing the filter, and ensures that your water will be always safe to drink.

When your water filter flashes yellow light, this means that it is time for you to purchase a new replacement filter and prevent the red light.

PUR Pitcher Replacement Filter - How to Reset PUR Water Filter Light

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PUR Water Filter Red Light

Red light tells you to stop. And just like a traffic light, when your PUR water filter indicator flashes red light, you should also stop. The red light on your water filter means that the filter has already filtered 100 gallons of water and that it can no longer stop the lead and other contaminants from getting poured.

Drinking the water when your filter’s light is red isn’t safe because the water can no longer be purified.

If you want to continue to drink filtered water, you will have to change the PUR water filter  first. After changing the filter and pressing the reset button, the indicator light will get reset, and the red light will be replaced with green flashes.

PUR Faucet Mineral Clear Filter - How to Reset PUR Water Filter Light

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How to Reset PUR Water Filter Light

In an ideal scenario, you can easily reset the indicator light:

Step 1: When the light flashes red, remove the filter and replace it with a new one.

Step 2: Press the “reset” button and hold it for 5 seconds. The light should turn green.

But if things were ideal, I wouldn’t be writing this article. One of the common nuisances with the PUR water filter is the fact that the light gets stuck and cannot be reset.

So, what causes this issue? It may sound silly, but most of the time, it is nothing but dirt that clogs the indicator light. If there is dirt packed on the filter’s screen, the system may mistakenly assume that the debris found on the housing means that the filter can no longer purify the water.

If your screen is stuck in red and you cannot reset the light, do the following steps:

Step 1: Rinse the whole filter housing off.

Step 2: Let air dry and install everything back again.

Step 3: Hold the reset button for 5 seconds, and see if this gets the job done. If not, you may need a different approach.

If a simple rinse does not reset your system, then, perhaps the problem can be found under the filter.

There is a spring-like sensor on the bottom of the inside of the filter’s housing, which can be easily seen after you remove the filter. This sensor sometimes gets stuck, which prevents the light from being reset.

How To Reset PUR Water Filter Light - How to Reset PUR Water Filter Light

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If that is what causes you the trouble, you can easily fix it. Take a butter knife or some other similar tool, and wiggle out on the sensor to release the sensor. After that, return the filter (or place the new one), and press the reset button for 5 seconds. The light should be reset. Learn more how to clean a PUR water filter

Check out this video to see what that sensor looks like and where you can find it.


I hope that this article was able to help you understand the indicator light on your PUR water filter in order to never run out of purified water, as well as give you simple ways helping you reset the filter light when a simple click on the reset button doesn’t do it.

Now you simply follow the green, yellow, red light signs, and enjoy purified water with much better taste.

If you have any other problems with your PUR water filter, go to my complete guide to troubleshooting PUR water filters to see if it can help.

And if you are looking for a new PUR water filter, check out my 5 favorite PUR water filters with pros and cons. Hope it can help.

Bye for now and see you in my other articles about PUR water filters.


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    • I couldn’t find one. So I just used a butter knife on the switch inside the filter as shown above. Once it pops out and you replace the filter, the light should be green again.

    • CityGirlCoubtryWorld on

      Thanks you so much. I put on a new filter less than a month ago and the red light was flashing. Husband put in another filter and same thing. I Googled the issue and found your sight. Used a butter knife to pop the sensor and everything back to normal.

  1. Thank you! I ran into this for a brand-new faucet unit (1st change of filter), and your instructions worked perfectly.

  2. Regina from Manson, NC on

    Thank u so very much! This article and video was very easy to understand and your advise worked perfectly the first time!! Smart man šŸ‘šŸ½ !!!

  3. Yes thanks for the video. Worked on the horizontal unit as explained using butter knife to loosen switch. Very grateful.

  4. I just recently changed my filter, and for some reason it is flashing red even though we haven’t used it? im not sure what else to do, because the last one was flashing yellow and it was also new.

  5. Thank you after a month of replacing the filter light stayed red. After I reset the button and reinstalled it the light turned green. Thank you for the information.

  6. To reset the light i just threw it against the wall. It pop up the reset button fast!!! Just kidding…. Very simple th do. Put your finger on the inside and you woll see something like a sd card on your phone. Not exactly but similar to you that have smartphones. Push down and it pops up. Your ready. You may have to fiddle if it is sticking but you will get the hang of it the next time you replace the filter. Good luck.

  7. To reset the light i just threw it against the wall. It popped up the reset button fast!!! Just kidding…. Very simple to do. Put your finger on the inside and you will see something like a SD card on your phone. Not exactly but similar to the one you
    have in smartphones. Push down and it pops up. Your ready. You may have to fiddle if it is sticking but you will get the hang of it the next time you replace the filter. LOVE my fresh drinking water with ice cubes from my PUR…

  8. These faucet mounts are not all the same. I’ve been using a horiz mount for many years and they don’t have any reset button that I can tell. They do not look anything like in the pic. The last time the light got stuck I decided just to hold on to it as a backup. The problems most often reported with the mount is that they start leaking badly. I haven’t had this problem but after a while the hard water in my line causes lime deposits that wear off the paint. This is the first time I’ve had one stuck on the yellow light. However, I’ve kept track of filter replacements and uncannily they last 60, give or take a day. So I could continue using my last one, and then just google calendar to keep track of when they needed to replace. Though once they turn yellow, I can tell from the taste it needs replacement. It’s getting harder to find replacement filters though. One of these days I plan to take one of these apart and see if filter material can be replaced without purchasing another cartridge.

  9. Just replaced the filter last night, but the light continued to be red. Now I know what to do. But my question is once I pop out the spring-sensor, should I put it back in or toss it? then, install the new filter. Thanks.

    • Robert Andrews on

      Thank you Jennie for helping me reset my Pur filter and saving me from throwing out a new cartridge filter. It flashed yellow and then red after replacing it. Your instructions were helpful. Bob

  10. Is it safe to drink water when pur light is off and change filter every two months for people of two in a family??

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