The best Way to Buy Kitchen Worktops in London and M25 areas


A lot of time goes in deciding the right worktop for a kitchen. This is because a kitchen worktop can simply make or break the look of the entire interior in the cooking area. For this reason, one does need to make this decision wisely after evaluating the pros and cons of different kitchen worktop materials.

When it comes to the selection of kitchen worktops, there is a wide range of materials in different patterns, colours and textures. However, it is recommended to choose a material that goes well with the interior design and your choice of decor. And more importantly it is recommended to choose a worktop surface that will meet your needs and the demands of your lifestyle.

If you are a little confused when it comes to buy kitchen worktops when there are so many options available, here is a quick and useful guide to help you make the decision of buying the right kitchen worktop in London and M25 areas:

Material Considerations

Before buying a kitchen worktop, you need to consider the different countertop choices when it comes to colours, materials and patterns. First, you need to find a reputed and experienced stone supplier in London who could offer you a wide range of materials, such as granite, limestone, porcelain, terrazzo, marble, quartz, etc.


In order to do so, you can carry an online search and check the reviews and customer ratings of the different worktop supplier London companies. You will quickly notice professional outlets that offer a huge variety of stone surfaces at reasonable prices. One word of advice is to be careful with any stone company that offers worktops at a fraction of the price when compared to other reliable companies.

Sizable Samples

Small samples can make it hard to imagine what material will look good in your kitchen but are a way great to check the shade and colour in the comfort of your property. You can also consult a professional kitchen worktops supplier who works with apt online design tools and photographs of other installations in the materials you like. They can show virtually how your future kitchen would look after completion. If they have large samples, do take them home to see whether those samples will match your kitchen decor or not.  

Watch the Warranty: No matter what worktop material you are considering, do ask the supplier if it comes with a manufacturers’ warranty. Well known brands of reliable materials do come with an available warranty. The process of registering your warranty takes place upon completion of your worktop installation.  Your stone worktop supplier will provide you with the unique batch reference number of your material upon request, so you can complete your registration with the manufacturers of your worktop material.

Consider the Sink:

When choosing a countertop material, do consider the top-mounted and a sink under the worktop. The under-mount sink is fixed under the kitchen worktop. It works well with quartz and other waterproof surfaces such as porcelain and ceramic. With materials offering solid surfacing and stainless sinks, you can achieve a perfectly seamless look.  On the other hand, a built-up sink made from natural stones such as marble or granite, can also be professionally made by your worktop supplier. They look absolutely gorgeous, when these match your worktops and splashback material.



Let the fabricator measure the areas in your kitchen to get the perfect countertop slab for you. Do insist them about the estimate material thickness and finish, as well as about the cost of a sink, faucet and cooktop. Even the cost of edge treatment, removal of old countertop, and backsplash must be discussed beforehand.

Worktops: What’s Your Type?


It is an engineered stoned with a blend of resins, stone chips and pigments. It can easily withstand plenty of abuse in day-to-day kitchen routine. It comes in a wide range of vibrant colours and style options that even mimic certain natural stones.

Pros: Quartz can easily survive the impact of any spillage, hot pots, sharp knives, etc. The best thing is that it doesn’t even require sealing for being stain and scratch resistant. It is a waterproof material, hence can easily be paired with your undermount kitchen sink.

Cons: Some patterns of quartz do look artificial and unnaturally uniform, even though their manufacturers do work hard to make it look closer to natural stone. Even the edges may chip if the edges are not rounded.


This natural stone is a popular and good choice for kitchen countertops. It can also be used in heavily worked areas and with undermount sink. However, make sure to buy granite from a reputed and experienced granite supplier.

Pros: Just like quartz, granite can easily survive the impact of hop pots, spillage, knives, etc.

Cons: The corners and edges may chip, so it needs repairing after some years. It also requires annual sealing for stain protection.


The new countertop material, Dekton, is a combination of porcelain, quartz and glass.

Pros: Dekton can resist damage from stains, heat, cutting and chopping. It is also good at resisting abrasion.

Cons: Dekton is likely to get cracked under high impacts. So, if a heavy pot falls on its surface, it’s likely to crack.


It is a classic and beautiful natural stone used in many European kitchens for ages now.

Pros: The small scratches and nicks can be polished out.

Cons: Marble is more prone to chipping and scratches than granite. It must be sealed every 18 to 24 months to protect it from staining. But some stubborn stains are still able to appear even after thorough clean-up and sealing. These can be easily removed from its surface with a knife.


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